Gino Marcelli Project

Watercolor, the last recording project of the pianist and composer Gino Marcelli, comes from the idea and a continuous interior research of mixing sounds, colors and musical timbres always projected to an individual and extemporaneous perception, hence the choice of the name Watercolor. The main idea of the project also arises from the union of improvisation between the two arts, music and painting, considering that frequency is a color and color is frequency.The CD was recorded in Milan (Italy) in the month of March and May 2018 and takes advantage of a musical collaboration known in the Italian and international jazz scene as the saxophonist Tino Tracanna, the contrabassist Attilio Zanchi, the drummer Tommy Bradascio is the artistic performance of the Colombian painter Angela Maglioni also creator of the cover photo of the cd.

Cinematic Piano Accordion
Landscape EP
Suoni Confusi