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    AGV Equipment Roller manufacturers Our History
    The company was established in 2017. After 5 years of continuous technology research and development and technological innovation and development, the product application field is in the automobile production and manufacturing site, electric forklifts, electric stackers, shuttles, AGVs, roller coasters, elevators, three-dimensional garages and various The three-dimensional parking garage of the occasion can formulate high-performance polyurethane products suitable for high and low temperature, corrosion resistance, antistatic, non-slip and not damage the floor according to your specific requirements and use environment, and continuously developed TDI low free series, MDI series and NDI series , The outstanding performance of PPDI series products in hardness, high resilience, high-speed operation, high heat resistance, tear resistance and shear resistance has won the approval and recognition of customers. (English is provided, the content of the pdf document cannot be extracted, and the picture is given)
    Our Factory
    Zhejiang Bailiyou Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-performance polyurethane wheels. The company has introduced foreign advanced production technology and high-standard polyurethane production line casting equipment and testing equipment. Customers tailor-made many high-standard products with complex working conditions and harsh environments.
    Our Product
    Electric forklift wheels, intelligent automated three-dimensional garage wheels, automated warehouse stacker wheels, automobile production line rollers, AGV unmanned handling equipment wheels, mining machinery monorail crane wheels
    Product Application
    Electric forklifts, three-dimensional parking garages, automated warehouses, automobile production lines, AGV unmanned handling trolleys
    Our Certificate
    ISO9001, invention patent, utility model patent
    Production Equipment
    Polyurethane pouring equipment, vulcanization equipment, sandblasting equipment, spraying equipment, CNC machining center, physical property testing machine, simulated walking testing machine,
    Production Market
    The product area is part of the country that has been exported, and long-term strategic cooperation agreements have been signed with foreign customers
    Our Service
    Our aim is to understand and pay attention to customer needs, provide appropriate product specifications and application development and complete technical service support, continue to innovate research and development, open cooperation, and build integrated solutions in the field of polyurethane products!AGV Equipment Roller manufacturers