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    gravity flow pallet rack made in China Nanjing Jinhui Storage Equipment Co., Ltd
    Year of Established: June 2006
    Registered Capital:11 million RMB
    Certificates:ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, CE
    Company Area:7000 銕?/p>
    Plant Area:4000 銕?/p>
    Office Area:2000 銕?/p>
    Technician: 11 people
    Employee: around 85 people
    Business Range: warehouse rack design, manufacturing, sales, installation and maintenance.
    Punching for beam connector & other connectorsInterlock beam : cold rolling + machine interlockFlying saw cutting, tolerance:卤1mm
    CNC cutting machine, high accuracy.CNC bending, high accruacy.
    Shot-blasting machine for profiles rust removing, mostly H steel, big section steelRolling line锛寀pright, beam, bracing, floor panel & pallet panel etc.
    Plasma cutting machine, cutting up to 30mm thick plateAuto punching machine, upright & beam connector holes punching
    Manual welding锛宖ixture equipment is used to ensure the accurate beam position. We had automatic welding machine, but drop it.Screw tapping machine, thread diameter is up to 36mm.
    Spray process: remove exterior oil 鈫?washing 鈫?acid cleaning to remove the rust 鈫?washing 鈫?parkerizing 鈫?washing by high pressure 鈫?parch 鈫?static paint finishing 鈫?solidify under high temperature.
    Our new cold rolling line. It has 26 rollers to ensure the verticality, flatness, burr free and accuracy of the column.
    Different part, quantity, and needs, packing differs.
    About regarding to transportation and packaging:
    1. We pack with black steel strip instead of green plastic strip, which is not easy to break during forklift transportation.
    2. If there is a large gap in the middle of the cargo after packing, we will use air bags to prevent the cargo from shaking and impacting or bulk cargo during shipping.
    3. All wooden products in containers, such as mattresses and wooden pallets, are fumigated-free composite wood that meets the export requirements in order to prevent losses caused by customs inspection failures.
    4. We can also pack according to the customer’s packing plan and requirements. If the packing cost is much higher than ours, additional packing fees will be charged as appropriate.
    5. We have an optimized packing scheme to improve the utilization rate of cabinets. For one 40HQ container, we can load up to cross weight 26,500 kg or 60 CBM each. This can reduce transportation costs.
    About regarding product quality:
    1. Can provide product quality certificate, CE certificates, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 for raw materials.
    2. Before mass production or spraying, we will try out a group of products and test the load-carrying capacity according to customer’s requirements, and send photos and videos to customers. Product dimensions are also measured. This can avoid the loss after shipment, after confirmation will be mass production and spraying. At the same time, we can also provide photos and installation drawings of the trial installation process, in order to prevent customers from installing on site.
    3. We will send 3%-5% extra spare parts for all the fittings. Another part of vulnerable products, we will do 1-5 more, in order to prevent wear and tear in the process of transportation or installation, to replace, reduce the later cost.
    4. Founded in 2006, we have 17 years of experience in production and foreign trade.
    We have limited factory scale. What do we do to meet growing numbers of order?
    1.Purchase advanced equipment.
    We have newly made rolling line to be installed.
    2. Continuous improvement of production process, quality and service.
    Customer satisfaction is the target we鈥檝e been working on.
    3.Planning new factory.
    The new factory is planned to be in production in October, 2022.gravity flow pallet rack made in China