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    Customized 5D Diamond Painting Product namemario diamond art
    Size30*40;40*50cm;more for custom
    CanvasCotton Linen
    PackingBubble bag,cardboard,corrugated
    Lead Time3-7 days
    DROPSHIPPINGDropshipping contact us
    銆?Full round drill mario diamond art 銆慐ach diamonds beads will be sent 15% ~30% more.High quality diamonds are consistent in size and shape. The color of diamonds will never be faded. Finished artwork is very shiny and vivid.
    銆?High definition canvas銆慔igh clear waterproof painting canvas. Adhesive layer is very strong which allowing for good adhesion of diamonds. Easy to read symbols and drill diamonds, even for new beginners.
    銆?Fun to do & Home decoration & Gift 銆慏oing diamond art is not only can experience a sense of achievement, release stress, emotional adjustment, enhance self-confidence and perseverance cultivate patience. diamond art kits also can be used to decorate your house, officeroon, be used as a Christmas gift, wedding gift, birthday gift, any big days’ present.
    銆?Professional 銆?Fundaful is a professional diamond art supplier. We support diamond art photo custom and all diamond art accessories, tools. If you have any query about diamond arts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
    銆怌OMPLETE KIT銆? Includes printed canvas, diamond beads, pen tool and gels (not including the frame).
    銆怣ulti-Functional銆慏o you want your life more funny and rich? 5D diamond art can help you! After finishing the diamond art, you can feel a sense of achievement. diamond art kits are easy for everyone whether adults or children. DIY painting with diamonds is a good way to cultivate children’s practical ability and patience.
    銆怤ote銆慖f the diamond picture you receive is missing the diamond, please contact us in time, we will deliver you the diamond for free to allow you to complete beautiful paintings. Customized 5D Diamond Painting