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    Nebulizer Product introduction
    The atomizer atomizes the test solution. The atomizer is an important part of the atomization system, and its performance has a significant impact on the precision of the measurement and chemical interference. Therefore, the atomizer is required to have stable spray, small and uniform droplets and high atomization efficiency. It is mainly used to treat various upper and lower respiratory diseases, such as colds, fever, cough, asthma, sore throat, pharyngitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, pneumoconiosis and other diseases that occur in the trachea, bronchi, alveoli, and chest cavity. Nebulized inhalation therapy is an important and effective treatment method in the treatment of respiratory diseases. A nebulizer is used to atomize the liquid medicine into tiny particles, and the medicine enters the respiratory tract and lungs by breathing inhalation, so as to achieve painless , For the purpose of rapid and effective treatment, please administer by atomization under the doctor’s advice.h
    Product name锛欰XD-302 Piston Compressor Nebulize
    Power supply: AC220V 50Hz
    No more than the biggest scale line.
    Droplet particle(MMAD):1渭m-5渭m
    Machine noise:鈮?5dB
    The average rate of spray:鈮?.2ml/min
    Working pressure range: 60kPa~130kPa
    The residual liquid:鈮?.7ml
    Ambient temperature: normal operating conditions: 5潞C~40潞C
    transport and storage:-20潞C~+55潞C
    Relative humidity: normal operating conditions: 鈮?0%
    tranport and storage:鈮?3%
    Body weight: about 1.24KG
    Package Size: L268mmxW142mmxH223mm
    Outer box size: 620*260*500mm
    Packing quantity: 8pcsNebulizer